1. Stripper Dad

    Written by Mary Lordes

    Performed by Murf Meyer, Mike Lane, Alex Viola, David Bernstein, Dawn Luebbe and David Ebert

    Special Appearance by Marina Tempelsman as Grandpa Dangler 

    Rain made by Alamo

  2. ucbcomedy:

    Want to find out what happens next? The first episode of “Pact” debuts on September 2nd!


    Hey guys, zachbroussard and I are getting out of town in a week and everything we own MUST GO! Here’s a list of some of the items up for grabs. Contact me if you want anything. I’ll try to keep this bad boy up to date.

    - 6-drawer Malm Dresser

    - 60’s office chair

    - Legit vacuum cleaner

    - Pretty busted bookcase

    - World’s best space heater (that you’ll want this winter)

    - My PAPASAN :(

    - Plush Ottoman

    - Office Desk

    - Portable camping stove

    - Desk fan

    - Bitchin’ Shark boogie board

    - Electric tea kettle

    - Iron

    - Air conditioner

    - Sewing Machine

    - Coat rack

    - Books

    - Dvds

    - Xbox games

    - Ninja star throwing board

    - A bunch of toys and action figures

    - Sketch Props and Costumes

    - Weird household decor

    - Lanterns and vases

    - Picture frames

    - A lot of dust and cat hair

  4. braineaterstv:

    New episodes of Brain Eaters coming soon! In the meantime, here’s a gif of infinite sassing. 

    My everyday look

  5. Hey, this is a really funny video about my favorite thing - embarrassing people on camera.


    These people thought they could wave in the background of our shot and get away with it. They were wrong.

  6. I know I post about Kurt Russell a lot, but this Netflix documentary about his dad’s independent baseball team is pretty great. I clicked on it for the baseball, I stayed for the the 70s hunks. They should call is BAES-ball, amiright? I mean, come on. Look at this pic:

  7. new uniform

  8. New Maude Show tonight at 9:30pm at UCB

    photos via dawnluebbe

  9. I find it hard to believe that nobody wanted to take this photo for him.

    (Source: dusubear, via asnapmareonelmstreet)

  10. 24 LAD Recap - Day 9 1:00pm-2:00pm

    This episode starts as they often do with Jack stumbling upon a dead body. This time it’s of our hacker friend, Yates who Jack realizes has been killed by his girlfriend. He follows her into the tube but loses her when Chloe gets distracted by a happy family.

    Jack freaks on Chloe. She reveals she thought she saw her husband Morris and their child Prescott which is impossible because they died in a car accident meant for Chloe. This is the first time we’re hearing about it and I don’t know why it isn’t the first thing Jack asked about. “Hey, Chloe, why come you’re hanging in this hacker house in East London instead of being home with your family?”

    Meanwhile, Not-Kim is trying to get the heroin dealers to give up Jack but they won’t because even drug dealers respect him. Also, they have no idea who he is. Not-Kim isn’t buying that so she kidnaps their leader and forces the information out of him but threatening to drop him off at a rival dealer’s hang-out. Benjamin Bratt is mad but is ultimately tired and doesn’t care.

    There’s some business with Catelyn Stark watching her daughter fuck some terrorist nerd but none of those people are particularly compelling. I guess they all hate drones or whatever.

    Jack goes back to hacker house (which should be a reality show) and tries to get more help out of them. But the old man who hangs out with a bunch of teens isn’t happy about it. He tries to set Jack up putting the wrong code in Jack’s ID card so he gets flagged by security. Jack gets around this by shooting a bunch of hippies and starting a riot. Two things he loves best or at least he does in my fan fic.

    Audrey is still mad at her husband for being right about her stupid-brained father. Even Stephen Fry thinks the man is making a bad decision by trying to speak to Parliament. The episode ends with a bunch of British extras shouting incoherently. 

    After a two hour set-up, hour 3 was monthly about filling in the blanks. Which is boring. Until Jack shot up some kids, I thought I was going to fall asleep. Hopefully, things will return to normal next week. And by normal I mean filled with ridiculous twists and gratuitous action.