2. braineaterstv:

    We’re back for Season 2!! This week we’re talking about fake weed which is a drug, apparently? 

    New episodes come out every Wednesday. So subscribe, babies!

    Yay, more of these!

  3. Episode 3 of PACT is up today!

    Dat ending tho

  4. garlock:


    We showed you the teaser last week for a new series - the first episode of PACT is available to now!

    into this

    Some youtube commenter wrote “please don’t do this” on our trailer, but guess what, we did it anyway!!

    Check out the first episode of Brinkman’s new web series Pact. My mom described it as “interesting”.

  5. Stripper Dad

    Written by Mary Lordes

    Performed by Murf Meyer, Mike Lane, Alex Viola, David Bernstein, Dawn Luebbe and David Ebert

    Special Appearance by Marina Tempelsman as Grandpa Dangler 

    Rain made by Alamo

  6. ucbcomedy:

    Want to find out what happens next? The first episode of “Pact” debuts on September 2nd!


    Hey guys, zachbroussard and I are getting out of town in a week and everything we own MUST GO! Here’s a list of some of the items up for grabs. Contact me if you want anything. I’ll try to keep this bad boy up to date.

    - 6-drawer Malm Dresser

    - 60’s office chair

    - Legit vacuum cleaner

    - Pretty busted bookcase

    - World’s best space heater (that you’ll want this winter)

    - My PAPASAN :(

    - Plush Ottoman

    - Office Desk

    - Portable camping stove

    - Desk fan

    - Bitchin’ Shark boogie board

    - Electric tea kettle

    - Iron

    - Air conditioner

    - Sewing Machine

    - Coat rack

    - Books

    - Dvds

    - Xbox games

    - Ninja star throwing board

    - A bunch of toys and action figures

    - Sketch Props and Costumes

    - Weird household decor

    - Lanterns and vases

    - Picture frames

    - A lot of dust and cat hair

  8. braineaterstv:

    New episodes of Brain Eaters coming soon! In the meantime, here’s a gif of infinite sassing. 

    My everyday look

  9. Hey, this is a really funny video about my favorite thing - embarrassing people on camera.


    These people thought they could wave in the background of our shot and get away with it. They were wrong.

  10. I know I post about Kurt Russell a lot, but this Netflix documentary about his dad’s independent baseball team is pretty great. I clicked on it for the baseball, I stayed for the the 70s hunks. They should call is BAES-ball, amiright? I mean, come on. Look at this pic: